How to play animal chess – Helps new recruits become confident and knowledgeable

How to play animal chess Quite simple but extremely attractive because each chess piece represents a different animal. If you want to find a game that is entertaining and suitable for many ages, animal chess is the optimal choice. Follow bookmaker debet to learn more interesting things about this chess game.

All the basic information about animal chess

Animal chess has many points that players need to pay attention to. The chess board and its origin also make many players curious.

Where does animal chess originate from?

The background of the animal chess game is built and inspired by tropical forests. The terrain characteristics of the animal chess board are many intertwined traps. Each player will own 8 chess pieces representing 8 animals with different strengths. According to How to play animal chess, animals with stronger levels will defeat weaker animals.

Animal chess originated from China and is called by many different names such as The Jungle Game, Oriental Chess, Children’s Chess… This game quickly became popular and widely loved in many countries, including China. Vietnam.

Interesting point on the table

Each animal chess board will include 63 squares made up of 7 columns and 9 rows on a rectangular paper frame. Each person will have their chess pieces placed in a certain territory separated by the forest. Things to know before learning How to play animal chess are special positions on the chessboard:

  • Cave: It is placed in the center in the first row towards the player. This is the position that opponents always find ways to penetrate to win. So, it can be said that this is a key place that players need to try to protect.
  • Traps: Placed around the cave to avoid opponents’ intrusion, each person can own 3 traps.
  • River: Occupies 6 squares on the map, located in the center of the board, where the two teams need to cross.

The power of the chess pieces

On the chessboard there will be 2 colors blue and red to represent the two players. Each person will own 8 chess pieces attached to animals with different strengths.

Elephants have the largest level, followed by lions, tigers, leopards, dogs, wolves, cats and finally mice. You need to arrange them with positions on the cue table according to regulations.

must Detailed instructions on how to play animal chess

Once you understand the chess pieces and the board, the most important thing now is how to play.

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How to move the pieces?

The green piece will be chosen as the piece allowed to move first, then players will take turns moving the pieces. Each turn, the player is only allowed to move 1 piece. According to How to play animal chess, players are only allowed to move their pieces forward, backward, left or right 1 cell and cannot move diagonally. Besides, some of the following rules need to be followed:

  • Going into the river area can only be rats.
  • Tigers and lions can cross the river by jumping horizontally or vertically from one square to the other. In case the opposite square contains a piece of lower or equal strength, tigers and lions can capture it. Regulation about How to play animal chess Do not allow lions and tigers to jump when mice are standing in the river box.
  • If you get caught in your own trap, nothing will happen. But the opponent gets caught in your trap, at this point that piece is considered trapped and loses all its power. It can be captured by any of your pieces. Power will be restored when the player moves the piece out of the trap area.
  • You cannot move the flag into your own cave because only your opponent can do this. Players need to give How to play animal chess and smart strategies to enter the opponent’s cave fastest.

Instructions on how to catch and eat on the animal chess board

How to play animal chess Clearly stipulates that players need to comply with some rules in capturing and capturing flags. Captured pieces will be removed from position and replaced with the opponent’s pieces. According to the rules, a piece with equal or greater strength will capture the opponent. However, the following exceptions do not comply with this principle:

  • Although it has the weakest strength in animal chess, a mouse can eat an elephant on the ground. One argument for this is that tiny mice can crawl into an elephant’s ears and gnaw on its brain.
  • In the underwater area, only rats can eat each other, no other animals can catch it.
  • When an opponent is caught in a trap, all of your units can catch and eat it, no matter how high or low their rank is.

General,How to play animal chess quite simple, easy to understand, just a quick glance, you will quickly grasp the rules of the game. debet will update you with many equally interesting games, so quickly register to experience the best things.

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