OKVIP Alliance: Famous Brand Ambassadors

OKVIP Alliance Continuously collaborating with famous faces, becoming a brand ambassador and also the face of the entertainment group. Please join us in naming the representatives who have been joining hands with the strongest website today.

Brand ambassadors, OKVIP alliance

OKVIP is an online gaming alliance site with the old name Taipei 101, well known to the betting community. Partner of OKVIP are all brand ambassadors with strong reputation and influence in the market. Typically as:

CLB Villarreal

The first OKVIP alliance to mention is the contract with the La Liga team – Villarreal Club. Communication activities between the entertainment group and Villarreal bring benefits to both sides. Typically as:

  • The alliance page facilitates the creation of quality and engaging content for Villarreal Club events.
  • OKVIP increases brand recognition in the European market, because La Liga is a famous, professional football league.
  • The entertainment group’s image and logo will be associated with Villarreal Club, from which football fans will know this alliance site more.

Among them: Villarreal is also a club competing in La Liga with a large fan base. They have repeatedly achieved high results in the UEFA Championship League, formidable opponents of European and Spanish football.


  • Full name: Villarreal Club de Football S.A.D.
  • Alias: Yellow Submarine.
  • Date of establishment: March 10, 1923.
  • Stadium: La Ceramica, capacity 23,500.

OKVIP Alliance signed a main partner contract with La Liga team – Villarreal

Roberto Carlos – OKVIP alliance brand ambassador

In 2023, the former Taipei101 entertainment group officially announced the face of its brand ambassador. The website “chooses to send gold” to Roberto Carlos – a talented defender with many great achievements in his career.


  • Full name: The player is called Roberto Carlos da Silva Rocha.
  • Alias: RC3.
  • Date of birth: April 10, 1973.
  • Height: 1 meter 68.
  • Nationality: Brazilian.
  • Playing position: Usually holds the responsibility of left wing back.

To invite RC3 to become an image representative, the website spent hundreds of millions of dollars because of this player’s reputation and contribution to world football. Although he retired from his career quite early, RC3 still provides important support for many teams.

According to the defender, he decided to become an ambassador for the OKVIP alliance not because of salary or profit. After a period of research, the player realized that this is a reputable entertainment group and wanted his fans to know more about the quality address.

Roberto Carlos – RC3 is the 2023 brand ambassador of the entertainment group

Brand ambassador partnership with Luis Suarez

Welcoming the new year 2024, OKVIP alliance is proud to introduce the brand representative – Luis Suarez. The group’s new strategic partner is the world-famous “top scorer Pichichi”.


  • Full name: He is called Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz.
  • Alias: Luis Suarez
  • Date of birth: January 24, 1987.
  • Height: 1 meter 82.
  • Nationality: Uruguay.
  • Playing position: Midfielder.

The brand partnership between the Premier League’s top players and the OKVIP alliance is not just about global promotion. Partners pay great attention to community activities, always providing the best support for Luis Suarez’s personal career.

The entertainment game alliance site is committed to marking the perfect combination of passion for football and online betting. Both aim to develop the best online reward game experience environment for players.

Luis Suarez becomes the 2024 face of the former Taipe101 gaming alliance

Why do entertainment corporations cooperate with famous clubs and players?

Explain that brand ambassador contracts of the OKVIP alliance can amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. However, both the player, the club and the website still agree to cooperate because it brings benefits to both parties.

For brand ambassadors

Successful cooperation deals, in addition to financial aspects, also bring many other benefits. The entertainment group will cooperate and sponsor future activities, events, and projects of the club and players. At the same time, their name is also better known because this is a famous game alliance site.

Brand ambassador cooperation brings benefits to both parties


The Group attaches great importance to partnerships and key allies for its development strategy. Coming to an agreement with Villarreal Club, Roberto Carlos or Luis Suarez, brings many benefits:

  • Enhance the corporation’s image in the entertainment industry, attracting a large number of interested customers and cooperative partners.
  • Logo liên minh OKVIP appearing at continental football matches and tournaments: La Liga, Premier League…
  • Expand your reach and build trust with alliances and customers who cooperate with entertainment sites.
  • Prove strong financial capacity when generously investing hundreds of millions of dollars in brand ambassadors.
  • Create opportunities to cooperate with other high-class football teams and stars in the future, enhancing image promotion.

Above is information about OKVIP alliance along with brand ambassadors through the years. The entertainment group promises to continue to cooperate with famous representatives and co-sponsor many continental football clubs.

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