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Empower Your Business with Londian’s Innovative Energy Monitoring Solution

In a world driven by efficiency and sustainability, the adoption of smart electricity meters has become a top priority for businesses seeking to optimize their energy consumption. Londian’s LD106 meter is a cutting-edge solution for precision monitoring of energy consumption. Designed with advanced technology, this smart electricity meter delivers real-time data, enabling businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their electricity usage.

Advanced Technology for Precision Monitoring

The LD106 meter is widely utilized in residential buildings, apartments, school dormitories, and other civil site environments. Its stability and reliability make it a trusted choice across different settings where accurate energy measurement is essential.

Key Parameters for Optimal Performance

The LD106 meter operates with a voltage reference range of 220-240V, ensuring compatibility with standard power supplies. Its operating range spans from 0.7Un to 1.3Un, providing flexibility to adapt to varying voltage conditions. With current range options of 5(40)A, 5(60)A, and 5(80)A, businesses can select the appropriate meter based on their specific requirements.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Data Integrity

Londian prioritizes measurement accuracy, with the LD106 smart energy meter conforming to Class 1/Class B for active energy and Class 2 for reactive energy. This precision ensures reliable and trustworthy energy consumption data, empowering businesses to make informed decisions regarding their energy usage.


In conclusion, Londian‘s smart electricity meters are a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their energy monitoring capabilities. Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Energy Meter represents a significant advancement in precision monitoring technology. With its customizable features, versatile application, and commitment to sustainability, this meter empowers businesses to monitor and optimize their energy consumption with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Embrace Londian’s advanced technology today and pave the way for a greener and more efficient future.

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