Revealing popular online cockfighting tricks in combat

Have you ever wondered how online cockfighting players win so admirably? In this article, Link New88 will reveal the online cockfighting tricks they often use to achieve success. Regardless of whether you are new or experienced, join us in discovering these secrets and improving your skills in combat.

How are online cockfighting tricks understood?

Online cockfighting tricks are strategies and skills used by cockfighting players to improve their chances of winning. This could be mastering how to read the bird’s signals, predicting the outcome based on experience, or even using psychological tricks to distract your opponent.

Online cockfighting tricks do not only rely on luck but also require intelligence and creativity. To better understand this trick, players often have to spend time researching and experimenting while participating in cockfighting matches.

Why are there online cockfighting tricks?

The phenomenon of online cockfighting tricks often appears for many specific reasons:

Big profit

Some ambitious players make quick and big money from online cockfighting. They use online cockfighting tricks and cheating to ensure victory and collect large bets. Greed and pressure to make money can push them to resort to fraud.

Fierce competition

Because of the big money-making opportunities, competition in the cockfighting industry can be fierce. Players may feel pressured to win and may end up using illegal tricks to achieve the desired result.

Popular online cockfighting tricks in fighting today

Each live cockfighting match usually lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. Therefore, the main time to apply cheating tricks in online cockfighting is usually at the end of the match. At that time, the morale of the fighting cockfighters often declined and cheating cockfighting became an interesting highlight. Common online cockfighting tricks include:

Give the chicken anesthetic

In this online cockfighting trick, cock owners often conspire together to defraud participants and rob them of their money. One of the chicken owners will give his chicken an anesthetic, then wait for the right time for the participant to bet on a certain chicken. When the cock is affected by anesthesia, it will turn the game around, surprising everyone.

Chicken owners often overestimate themselves by pouring large amounts of money into the game, causing the situation to heat up. At that time, red players will often participate and bet more because they see that chicken is too strong. This is one of the online cockfighting tricks to easily recognize painful losses.

Doping for chickens

Another common trick in online cockfighting is doping cocks. Contrary to anesthetics that weaken chickens, doping makes them stronger. The strength of the chicken will double or triple, depending on the dosage and doping agent used.

Chicken booster

Cock boosters are used to reduce the fighting ability of cocks, making them unable to fight according to the cockfighting manual. This is a cheating tactic often used before the fight begins to make one of the two cocks weaker. This medication may include:

  • Anesthetic: The impact lasts for a short period of time, causing the chicken to lose consciousness and be easily defeated by the opponent.
  • Rat poison:Often used in outdoor fighting by mixing it into the opponent’s chicken feed. This drug affects the nervous system and muscles of chickens, causing them to convulse and easily attack.
  • Romantic medicine:This drug increases the strength and agility of fighting chickens, helping them perform precise attacks and reducing damage when attacked. This medicine can take effect within 12 hours and increase your chances of winning up to 80%.

Chicken spurs trick

Using iron spurs to scratch fighting cocks’ tendons is one of the most common cheating tricks in cockfighting rings. When the opponent loses concentration, this spur will stab the fighting cock’s leg, causing them to lose their ability to fight and quickly lose.
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Please release the trickster

The trick of online cockfighting by begging to release the cock can be done by dropping the cock into the opponent’s blind spot, removing the cock’s spurs forcefully, or moistening and acupressure on the cock to cause pain and reduce their ability to fight. . All of these tricks threaten the fairness of the match and must be stopped.

Chicken swap

The cock swap trick involves replacing your cock with a weaker cock in the fight. This can lead to failure if you do not know your cocks and the cockfighting rules well.

Pickling medicated rice

This trick is dangerous for fighting cocks because it involves lacing poison into rice grains, causing the cocks to be quickly defeated.

Use trick cockfighting chips

Attaching an electronic chip to the cock’s foot is a simple trick to make the cock unable to fight. This is an unfair practice and must be stopped.


Above, we have gone through fraudulent and unfair online cockfighting tricks, emphasizing the need to comply with cockfighting rules. To protect fairness and the rights of players, there should be strict supervision and sanctions if necessary. We hope that the cockfighting industry can develop sustainably, based on honesty and ethics, to bring joy and entertainment to everyone.

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