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Winline Technology Introduces LCR1000-40A 40KW@1000V Liquid Cooling Charging Module: improving EV Fast Charging Stations


Winline Technology proudly introduces the LCR100040A-40KW@1000V Liquid Cooling Charging Module, a groundbreaking addition to the realm of DC fast charging stations. Engineered to redefine efficiency and performance in electric vehicle charging, this module sets a new benchmark for liquid-cooled charging solutions.

Cutting-Edge Liquid Cooling Technology

At the heart of the LCR100040A lies Winline Technology’s cutting-edge liquid cooling technology, ensuring optimal temperature management and peak performance during charging sessions. By efficiently dissipating heat, this innovative cooling system enhances charging efficiency and extends the lifespan of the charging module.

Hydroelectric Separation Design

With its hydroelectric separation design, the LCR100040A prioritizes safety and reliability in all charging environments. This advanced design mitigates the risk of electrical hazards, providing a secure charging experience for both users and vehicles at EV fast charging stations.

Wide Constant Power Range

The LCR100040A offers a wide constant power range of 300-1000V, catering to diverse EV charging requirements with unparalleled flexibility. Whether charging at lower or higher voltages, this module delivers consistent and reliable power output, ensuring optimal performance across various EV models at fast charging stations.

Exceptional Efficiency

Boasting full-load efficiency exceeding 95.5%, the LCR100040A stands as a pinnacle of charging efficiency in the EV fast charging station landscape. This remarkable efficiency not only minimizes energy wastage but also reduces operational costs for charging station operators, offering substantial long-term benefits.


In conclusion, the Winline Technology LCR100040A-40KW@1000V Liquid Cooling Charging Module represents a leap forward in DC fast charging stations technology. With its innovative liquid cooling technology, hydroelectric separation design, wide constant power range, and exceptional efficiency, this module redefines the standards of charging performance and reliability. As Winline Technology continues to lead the charge in EV charging innovation, the LCR100040A stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

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