Spice Up Your Palate with Halal Foods in Manchester

It may be challenging to find your way around Manchester’s city centre’s abundance of restaurants if you have likely dietary needs. Whether it’s halal, vegan, or gluten-free. But have no fear—that is the purpose of the Secret Manchester team.

Here is our list of the top halal restaurants in Manchester, which includes everything from traditional American dining to a handful of the greatest Pakistani food in the area. You can learn more if you look up Halal food Manchester.

Yard & Coop

Fortunately, Yard & Coop’s chicken is 100% halal and offers an extensive menu of chicken, chicken and even more chicken for lovers of fried chicken. Imagine lusciously golden fried chicken in the form of wings, nuggets, burgers, and tenders.

Accompanied by delectable sauces & classic American sides like mac & cheese, nuggets, as well as mashed potatoes. Yard & Coop guarantees that its chicken is 100% halal; nevertheless, before purchasing any other meats, please inquire with the establishment.

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

One of the best places in the city to get Indian and Pakistani food is Zouk Tea Bar, one of the few establishments in Manchester that offers an exclusively halal menu, so customers can consume with confidence. Imagine dishes like kebabs, steaks, curries, burgers, and more with a delectable South Asian flair.

In addition, the restaurant offers a variety of unconventional menu items, such as their version of bao buns, a Sunday roast flavoured with Indian spices, and much more.

Don Giovanni 

This bustling Oxford Street restaurant in Manchester offers a variety of halal options in addition to their standard Italian fare. The menu isn’t entirely halal, but everything is listed properly. Classic dishes like lasagne, rib-eye steak, and fresh tagliatelle pasta with beef meatballs, chicken supreme, & chicken pizza are some of the halal options. Don Giovanni claims that their beef and chicken meals are suitable for halal eating.


Archie’s is primarily recognised for being the most Instagrammable and pink burger place in the city, but it’s also among Manchester’s most halal eateries.

With an all-halal menu, customers can enjoy mouthwatering milkshakes, crispy fried chicken, juicy beef burgers, and an abundance of amazing toppings including Cheetos, turkey bacon, melted cheese, and tasty BBQ sauce.

The Delhi House Café

Delhi House Cafe, well-known for its contemporary take on Delhi cuisine, is a lovely place to warm up small plates. You can get traditional dishes like masala fried chicken, tandoori chicken tikka, gunpowder lamb chops, kebabs, and more.

Delhi House Cafe offers a variety of larger items, such as their “JFC” Jama Masjid fried chicken drumsticks, battered fish fingers, butter chicken naan pizza, along with an open naan bread burger, as well as to their traditional offerings. Meat is all halal.


One of the most popular Indian restaurants in the UK for many years is Dishoom, and fortunately for halal eaters, it provides chicken and lamb from approved the top halal food places.

Breakfast is pork, but there are also tasty halal small meals like lamb samosas, grilled chicken seasoned with flavorful spices, family-style chicken tikka, and lovely lamb chops available on the All Day menu.

Scene Indian Street Kitchen

Scene Indian Kitchen in Spinningfields is one of the greatest Indian restaurants in Manchester. They have a tonne of delectable street food items, many of which are halal. Imagine rich, velvety curries brimming with chicken and lamb, kebabs cooked over charcoal, and an unending array of vegetarian-friendly meals, with an abundance of chaat. In addition, the restaurant has a delectable mocktail menu which goes well with the Indian-inspired food.

Etci Mehmet 

Fortunately, Etci Mehmet Manchester’s own Salt Bae-style restaurant serves all steak fans, even those who follow an intense halal diet. It’s quite a dramatic experience. Imagine massive, delicious steaks that have been dry-aged for 28 days (and in certain cases, coated in 24-carat gold!).

As well as Turkish meatballs, enormous servings of lamb, and juicy burgers. The restaurant’s dramatic tableside steak service, starring Nusret Gökçe, or Salt Bae, is something you’ve probably seen on the internet before.

Final Words

The halal foods scene in Manchester is a gastronomic mosaic that provides a wide range of tastes, encounters, and dining options for halal foods lovers. The city welcomes a variety of Halal foods culinary situations, ranging from fine dining and delicious treats to traditional Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines.

Manchester’s broad range of Halal foods choices invites you to learn about cultural diversity, embrace flavours, and go on a gourmet voyage. This promises to be an exciting journey for food enthusiasts who are looking for genuine and savoury eating experiences.

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