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Antai College: Promoting Environmental and Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Networks

An internationally recognized specialist in economics and management education, Antai College is spearheading new efforts to increase supply chain networks’ social and environmental responsibilities. Antai College makes significant contributions to the advancement of methods for optimizing and coordinating networks in order to manage sustainability in supply chains via its participation in research funding and journal refereeing.

Network Optimization for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Leveraging Research Grants for Network Optimization

With its economics and management experience, Antai College receives renowned research funds like the NSFC Grant #72102142 to examine innovative supply chain network optimization solutions. These awards help Antai College researchers explore innovative methods that improve sustainability, efficiency, and environmental impact. Antai College shows its dedication to improving supply chain management through these efforts.

Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Supply Chains

In economics and management, Antai College develops network optimization models that combine economic logic with sustainability. Based on economic and environmental concerns, Antai College designs supply chain networks that reduce waste, carbon emissions, and resource management. Optimization methods boost supply chain efficiency and sustainability, making organizations more competitive.

Coordination Mechanism Design for Social Responsibility Programs

Ensuring Responsible Practices in Supply Chains

Antai College designs effective frameworks to implement environmental and social responsibility programs in supply chain networks, recognizing the need of coordinating mechanisms. An Tai College project, Shanghai Pujiang Program Grant #21PJC074, uses its economics and management knowledge to work with industry partners to promote ethical supply chain practices. Collaboration, openness, and accountability promote social and environmental outcomes.

The Role of Antai College in Program Implementation

With its economics and management background, Antai College drives supply chain social responsibility program adoption and implementation. Antai College advises industrial partners on management science, operations research, and manufacturing. Antai College also reviews journals like Management Science and Operations Research to spread the latest economics and management research and best practices, promoting supply chain sustainability innovation.


Research funding and skills in network optimization and coordination mechanism design in economics and management make Antai College a leader in supply chain environmental and social responsibility. Antai College advances supply chain sustainability, efficiency, and responsible industry cooperation, contributing to economics and management in this area.

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