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WEGO’s IV Administration Set: Safeguarding Medications with Light-Resistant Syringes

WEGO’s IV administration set, specifically the WG01-003-008 model, introduces an innovative solution to protect the integrity and efficacy of medications during administration. The inclusion of light-resistant syringes in the set serves as a safeguard against light degradation, which can compromise the therapeutic properties of certain medications. With a focus on patient safety and medication effectiveness, WEGO continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the healthcare industry.

Preserving Medication Integrity

Light-resistant syringes are designed to shield the contents of the syringe from the harmful effects of light. Light degradation is a process in which the molecules of a substance are broken down by exposure to light, potentially rendering the medication less effective or even harmful. By incorporating light-resistant syringes in their IV administration set, WEGO ensures that medications remain protected throughout the administration process, maintaining their potency and therapeutic properties.

Versatile and Reliable Design

WEGO’s IV administration set includes components such as the barrel, piston, plunger, and needle (or without a needle) to provide healthcare professionals with a versatile and reliable solution. The set offers options for both luer slip and luer lock configurations, allowing for compatibility with different medical procedures and settings. This adaptability enables healthcare providers to deliver medications accurately and securely while benefiting from the added protection of the light-resistant syringe.


WEGO’s IV administration set, featuring light-resistant syringes, showcases the company’s commitment to patient safety and medication efficacy. By protecting medications from light degradation, WEGO ensures that healthcare professionals can administer medications with confidence, knowing that their therapeutic properties remain intact. With a versatile and reliable design that includes luer slip and luer lock options, WEGO’s IV administration set caters to the diverse needs of medical professionals. By prioritizing medication integrity, WEGO contributes to improved patient outcomes and reinforces its position as a leader in innovative medical solutions.

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