Top UGC Video Agency For Skincare Brands 


Top UGC Video Agency For Skincare Brands 


When it comes to skincare products, consumers are cautious about what they invest in mainly because of the number of options available, pricing, chemicals, etc. Sales pitches from brand advertisements do not provide the information or confidence consumers need to purchase. However, they will consider your skincare brand, when someone like Ash Xu, uploads an ASMR video about your detoxifying powder mask or shea body butter, where she focuses on the packaging, lists the benefits, and demonstrates the product’s effects on the skin. This is because the message coming from Ash Xu is not a sales pitch, rather she is sharing her experience as a fellow consumer which is relatable and trustworthy.


Having your loyal consumers represent your brand through UGC videos is the fastest way to reach broader markets and boost Your product’s sales. Sure, there is a period when you need to identify and reach the right candidates, but with a top UGC video agency for skincare brands, you can get it done faster and also have your complete video planning, production, and promotion processes handled by UGC agency professionals.


Benefits of UGC Video Agency for Skincare Brands 


Higher CTR (Click Through Rate) 


UGC videos created by a professional UGC agency for skincare brands follow the right optimization techniques and practices – from selection and placement of the right keywords, hashtags, and tags, creation of relatable titles and thumbnails to narrowing the audience target pool, focusing on emotions, placing vital information at the right time and using simple languages and compelling call to actions. This ensures that your videos are seen by your potential customers who are immediately compelled to click on them.


More ROAS (Return On Ads Spent) 


A User-Generated agency for skincare brands adopts different techniques to ensure your branded UGC video ads bring the highest returns. They have growth strategists who test multiple creatives based on different parameters 


  • engagement levels.
  • Leads
  • Creator effectiveness
  • Relevance between keywords, hashtags, Video Ads, and landing pages.
  • Audience demographics


Data is collected, analyzed, and compiled through the use of management technologies, and based on the results, the UGC agency undertakes, optimization of the landing pages, creation of multiple personas (for different stages of buyers’ journey), creation of customized messages, remarketing, keyword refinement, more robust hashtag strategies etc. 


Legal Compliances 


Promotion of skin care products comes with legal guidelines and restrictions – for instance, disclosing every chemical used in the products, showing authentic before and after results, providing necessary certifications, etc – which an experienced user-generated video agency helps you comply with to ensure your skincare brand does not encounter legal obstacles.


UGC Videos Delivered Within Budget and On Time 


UGC agency for skincare brands takes steps to ensure the conceptualization, production, and promotion stages of your UGC campaigns happen without any hassle. Briefs of vital points, careful selection of brand representatives, efficient use of resources, proper direction and guidance, forecasting, and fast query resolutions, ensure your investment results in effective UGC videos that do not need rework and, hence, are ready to go online on schedule. 


Strategy of UGC Video Agency For Skincare Brands 


Product Unboxing 


Skincare brand’s top UGC agency selects your brand’s loyal customers and sends them copies of your products – let’s say a new anti-aging serum – with the intention of capturing their natural emotions when they first take the product out from the packaging. This is an effective way for your brands to generate curiosity and anticipation around your products, before the official launch.




Tutorials are walk-throughs of the benefits and application of your skincare products. Here UGC Creator will talk about the texture of your anti-aging serum, quantities to use, and ingredients while explaining the product effects like getting rid of acne, clearing fine lines or wrinkles, removing dark spots, brightening skin, etc. Finally ending the tutorial, directs the audience to stores or E-Commerce sites, that they can access to buy the product.


Top “X” List 


In a top 5 or 10 list, a UGC agency plans to position several of your brand’s skin care products in sequence, within a limited time frame – usually in order of how your potential customer uses them. The challenge is to fit key information on each product, including the affordability and expected results. The top “X” list generates more exposure when it ends with the look created with the combination of all the skincare products.


Video Ads 


In UGC video ads the onus is on a higher conversion rate, hence a skincare brand’s top UGC agency will focus on the product more by creating an ecosystem – with lighting, props, sound, visual graphics, etc – where product aesthetics like the name, design, and benefits are the focus. The dialogues and anecdotes by the customers in the background help drive the message forward.

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