The most popular horse racing game of all time

Horse racing for coins – one of the hottest games causing a storm in the market today. With outstanding features and a vivid, eye-catching interface, horse racing for coins is increasingly attracting a large number of players. The entertainment here is as thrilling and thrilling as professional racetracks. Let’s find together Hi88 Learn about this popular game right in the article below.

Overview of coin horse racing game

Horse racing for coins is a game that was released around the 80s and immediately made a big splash in the gaming community. This is a title sports betting games designed to simulate a real racetrack, from the war horses to the scene in the racetrack.

The nature of horse racing for coins is a point-earning game, the attraction of this game has caused many people to lose sleep and eat day and night trying to participate. Of course, it’s not a coincidence that coin-winning horse racing has such a huge attraction for players.

In real life, horse racing is a long-standing sport and is associated with people of the upper class and aristocracy. They will spend a lot of money to buy the most special horses to raise and train with extremely strict regimes.

At the racetrack, the steeds with the greatest strength will be unleashed together to perform maximum trots to compete for the first place. Accompanying the indispensable racetrack is betting activities that make many people fascinated.

Not everyone can afford to participate in lavish horse races, that’s why many people choose to bet to satisfy their passion. Horse racing for coins can satisfy both of the above needs for players, both directly participating in horse racing and winning big prizes for their accounts.

Those characteristics alone are enough to attract a huge number of real-life horse racing enthusiasts. To learn more about horse racing for coins, we will go to the next parts of the article.

Why is horse racing for coins so popular with gamers?

In addition to giving players the feeling of participating in a real-life racetrack, horse racing for coins also brings together many outstanding advantages that no one can refuse.

Don’t make things difficult for players

Horse racing for coins is known by some groups of players as horse racing with cards. Since its launch, this game requires you to buy a card to have the right to log into the game system.

Players participate until they run out of coins and then continue to add new cards to participate in betting. Over time, modern technology has helped horse racing to upgrade to the platform of online bookmakers. Players can participate directly at any time with just a computer or smartphone.

The coin horse racing game is quite simple, there is no element in this form of entertainment that can make it difficult for players. You can easily operate in the game through 4 basic buttons. Along with that is choosing your favorite steed, following it and accompanying it to hunt coins every day.

Beautiful interface, vivid graphics

For any game, interface design and graphics are an extremely important part. For horse racing for coins, players can be completely satisfied with these features when immersing themselves in the space of the game.

The plus point of horse racing for coins is its elegant, eye-catching design. Each racetrack in the game is simulated in detail, close to the real-life external factors we often see.

The war horses in horse racing have realistic graphics, look very soulful and have the demeanor of a warrior. Looking at the racetrack, players will immediately feel excited and improve their fighting spirit like never before.

Each horse in horse racing is designed with a different color and charisma. You can choose a top-notch steed and accompany them during the coin hunting process, depending on your preferences and aesthetic taste.

Horse racing has a stable game configuration

Although horse racing has graphics with many complex details, it is still highly appreciated by players for its stable configuration. You can freely participate in the game without fear of experiencing situations such as jerking, lagging or being thrown out while playing the game.

Not only that, the racetrack in the game is also adjusted according to weather effects so each of your races is extremely vivid. It can be said that everything in the coin horse racing game is built meticulously and perfectly, making it impossible for even demanding players to ignore.

Possesses many outstanding features

In addition to the strengths of image and sound, horse racing also has outstanding features that bring excitement and suspense to players. You will have to constantly wait in the matches to know the final results in the battles.

Coin horse racing regularly organizes tournaments for gamers to win medals. This is a huge plus because it demonstrates fair competition in races. If you win here, you will have many more coins to continue for the next races.

The game offers many diverse support packages and gifts. Participating in coin horse racing, players will always enjoy new things, different elements and go from one surprise to another.

There are many game modes for gamers to choose from with diverse strategies. Players can freely choose their own steeds and fighting style to successfully reach the finish line and receive valuable rewards.

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Popular form of betting in horse racing for coins

No different from real-life racetracks, horse racing for coins also allows players to participate in many diverse forms of betting as follows:

Bet Win

With this form of betting, you need to observe and choose the horse that is likely to win first place. This bet is suitable for those who want to win quickly through a single bet.

With the Win bet form, the player will be divided money according to the fixed rate given by the house in case of winning. In addition, you can also make bets by pooling bets with all players. Whoever wins in that group will receive all the initial bet amount.

Place bets

Coin horse racing players can participate in Place bets in the following forms:

  • In a race with 7 or more horses, you will choose 1 horse to bet on. If the horse you choose finishes in one of the first three positions then you will be the winner of the bet and win the prize.
  • In a race with 5-6 horses, you also choose 1 to bet on. But in this case, that horse can only come in first or second place for you to win.

Quinella Bet

The Quinella betting form allows penny horse racing players to predict the 2 horses with the highest positions in the race. If both of these horses win the first and second positions then the new player can win. On the contrary, you will lose in other cases.

Quinella Place Betting

Similar to Quinella, this form of betting also allows players to choose 2 horses. But instead of specifically being first and second, these two horses only need to finish in the top 3 to win.

Tierce Betting

Players choose at least one racehorse to bet on. If the horses you choose finish in first, second and third places then you are the winner.

Trio Betting

Players need to choose at least 3 horses. If after the race ends they are in the TOP 3 then you will be the winner.

First Four bet

First Four requires players to choose at least 4 horses to make a bet. If they finish in the TOP 4 positions, the player will win and receive a reward.

Cross Betting

With Cross betting, players will have 2 to 6 races to choose and place bets. Each time you bet like that, you can choose to bet Win or Place to play. The odds of winning in Cross bets will be calculated by the ratio of Win multiplied by Place.

How to increase your chances of winning in horse racing for coins

To increase your chances in your bets, players should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Learn carefully about the types of war horses in the game
  • Note points such as the current speed and distance to the finish line of each horse
  • Pay special attention to the horse’s techniques such as starting, jumping, cornering, sprinting, etc.


Above are detailed information about horse racing for coins – a popular reward game that attracts a large number of players in the market to participate. This easy but no less dramatic game is always waiting for experts to register to fight and place bets.

On the other hand, today online bookmakers also offer players countless different forms of betting. You can choose suitable forms to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment after tiring hours of work and study. Register now for an account at hi88 – reputable bookmaker, quality on the market today to enjoy a huge game store!

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