Some of the best betting card games today

Betting card game is currently very popular. Right below, the dealer 789BET I will introduce to you some of the hottest card exchange and betting games today for your reference.

Learn about the concept of betting card games

Betting card games are highly entertaining and very popular today. Normally, the most popular card game genres will appear in both online and offline casinos. Players participating in card games, in addition to being entertained, also earn a large amount of money if they win.

Note, when participating in online card games, you should choose especially reputable bookmakers. To avoid losing money unfairly or getting into unnecessary trouble.

Currently, when participating in card games, players can choose many forms to redeem rewards. For example, redeem rewards via phone scratch cards, withdraw directly to bank accounts, e-wallets,…

Some of the best betting card games today

Currently, online bookmakers have provided bettors with quality card game products. With a professional working style plus a variety of games, you should try the entertainment experience here. Below are some betting games that are highly appreciated by many people, specifically:

Disc jockey game

Disc Erasing is one of the quite popular gambling games. With simple rules, easy to play, easy to win, this game has attracted a large number of players.

Today, coin toss has been upgraded into an online entertainment game. With this form, the number of players participating will be unlimited. Just need a mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet to participate in entertainment at any time.

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Sic Bo game

The next game to appear in the betting card game category is Sic Bo. The game is also known as Sicbo, a game played with 3 dice. This is inherently a game of chance because it is difficult to predict the result each time the dice are rolled. However, for experts playing over/under, all results can be calculated.

The result of the game will be calculated according to the total score of the 3 dice, the highest possible score is 18 and the lowest possible score is 3. If the calculated score of the 3 dice is greater than 11, then Over will win. win, if the score is smaller, the under will win.


Baccarat is a famous betting card game in domestic and foreign casinos. Currently, this game has appeared on online bookmakers to meet the needs of players. When participating in the game, your winning rate will be divided equally among each bet. There are 3 betting options in the game:

  • Banker’s door
  • Player’s door
  • Tie door

The rules of the game are also extremely simple, the player who bets on the door with a higher score and closer to 9 will win.

Sam cyclone

Although it initially did not appear in the online card game system. However, when understanding the needs and tastes of players, the house is reputable 789BET has updated this game to the online betting game category.

The form of playing this game is also quite simple, the rules of the game have many similarities with the game Tien Len in the South. Each player will be dealt 10 cards and no properties are counted, only the size of the cards is counted. If there is 1 or more people reporting Sam, the first one to announce plays first. If no one can block and that person comes first, the remaining person will pay. If anyone blocks 1 set, the game stops immediately, the person who reported Sam must pay Sam. for the blocker.


The best betting card games today are available  789BET provided for you in this article. These card games are currently available on the house’s online casino lobby 789BET, so don’t hesitate to join the experience today.

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