Positions in 11-a-side football: Outstanding characteristics of positions

Positions in football 11 people form a team, playing an extremely important role in the match. From goalkeeper to striker, each position has its own responsibility to contribute to the success of the team. Same house Nha cai new88 Learn about the positions in 11-a-side football through the following article.

New88 Learn the positions in 11-a-side football

Among the positions in 11-man football on professional football fields, there are 4 basic positions:

  • Goalie
  • Defender: Including positions such as Sweeper, Fullback, Attacking Defender, Center-back
  • Midfield: Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Winger, Attacking Midfielder
  • Striker

In addition, depending on each specific squad, there are also other positions such as Full-back, Defensive Striker, Attack Striker, etc. Therefore, to know the exact positions in the squad, you need to Refer to detailed information about that team.

New88 Introducing the roles and responsibilities of positions in 11-a-side football

Positions in 11-a-side soccer: Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper position in football, denoted by the word “Goalkeeper” and abbreviated as “GK”, plays the final role and is located behind the defenders.

The main task of the goalkeeper is to prevent the opponent from scoring and protect the home team’s goal. This position is considered the most important in football and every team needs a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only person allowed to touch the ball with his hands and arms to catch and keep the ball in his team’s penalty area. Outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper can only use his feet. They also wear different shirts than other players on the team.

Here are some famous goalkeepers around the world: Jean-Marie Pfaff, Rinat Dasaev, Michel Preud’Homme, Walter Zenga, Peter Schmeichel, Andreas Köpke, José Luis Chilavert, Oliver Kahn, Fabien Barthez, Petr Čech, Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon. They have made their mark in football history and left significant contributions to the goalkeeper position.

New88 Introducing defender positions in 11-a-side football

The defender position in football plays an important role in front of the goalkeeper and behind the midfield.

The main task of the defender position in 11-a-side football is to support the goalkeeper, prevent the opponent from reaching their team’s goal and prevent scoring. In modern football today there are 4 types of defenders such as centre-backs, sweepers, full-backs and attacking defenders.

Positions in 11-a-side football: Role of Central Defender (Central Defender)

Symbol: The position of center back in English is “Center Back” and the symbol is “CB”.

Position: Central defenders are defensive players who block in front of the goalkeeper.

Duties: The central defender has the task of blocking attacks from the opponent, especially preventing the striker of the opposing team from scoring and bringing the ball into the penalty area. When you have the ball, centre-backneed pass or clear the ball to get it out of the penalty area.

Requirements: Good physical strength, height, acumen to respond promptly and prevent phasescorner kick from the opponent.

Positions in 11-a-side football: Sweeper Role

Symbol: This position in English is called “Sweeper” and the symbol is “SW”.

Position: Usually appears in diagrams with 3 or 5 defenders. This position is flexible and can operate freely without needing to accompany any strikers.

Mission: This is the deepest defensive position in the line, covering the defenders above and “sweeping” the ball if the opponent gets past the defense. However, nowadays, the sweeper position is less used and is often replaced by a more flexible defensive midfielder.

Positions in 11-a-side football: Wing Back
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Symbol: Attacking defender in English is called “Wing Back” and the symbol is “WB”.

Position: Synonymous with full-back, but attacking defenders often play a more aggressive attacking role and often play on the wing.

Duties: Attacking defenders have a more aggressive attacking role, often participating in attacks and providing passes and shots. They must also have good defense to prevent attacks from opposing defenders.

Requirements: Speed, strong attack ability, passing ability and defense.

New88 Introducing the Midfielder role at various positions in 11-a-side football

The symbol for the midfielder position in football is “Midfielder” and the abbreviation is “MF”.

The midfielder’s position is above the defenders and behind the striker.

The midfielder’s duties include competing for the ball from the opponent, preventing attacks, launching attacks to create opportunities for strikers to score and defending when necessary.

Midfielders are also divided into roles such as winger, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and central midfielder.

The winger’s designation is Left Midfielder (LM) for left midfielder and Right Midfielder (RM) for right midfielder. Their mission is to launch the attack by suddenly accelerating and passing the ball inside to their teammates. When your team attacks, they will fall back to defend.

The defensive midfielder has the symbol Defensive Midfielder (DM). Their task is to combine with the defenders to organize defense and participate in attacks from afar.

The attacking midfielder has the symbol Attacking Midfielder (AM). Their task is to take the ball and launch a surprise attack, while also supporting the striker in attacking.

The central midfielder has the symbol Central Midfielder (CM). Their mission is to launch attacks and retreat to defense when necessary.

New88 Introducing the Striker role at various positions in 11-a-side football

This position plays an important role in the team and is located near the opponent’s goal.

The main task of this position is to score goals into the opponent’s goal, there is no need to participate in defense work.

To take on this position, the player needs to have good soccer technique to overcome the opponent’s defenders and score more goals than other positions on the team.

This position includes center striker, regular striker, second striker and wing striker.

The center forward, denoted Center Forward (CF), appears in formation systems such as 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1, or in formations with three strikers with one central position. center in the middle like 4-3-3, 3-4-3. This position is responsible for being a striker and scorer. Requirements include strength and height to overcome opponents’ defenders, good finishing ability and the ability to support teammates.

Regular striker, derived from center striker but more mobile and flexible. This position is possiblehis return home to find the ball when necessary. There are usually 2 or 3 regular striker positions on the field.

The second striker, also known as the striker (CF), has the ability to move more comfortably and flexibly than the central position. Their task is to pass the ball to a central position or score themselves, while also supporting the attack.

The above article New88 presented in an easy-to-understand way the positions in 11-a-side football, the symbols, tasks and roles of each position. Thanks to that, everyone can have a clearer view of how each position on the field works. If you want to find a reputable bookmaker to participate in soccer betting, don’t hesitate to come to the bookmakerNew88.

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