Participate in doing reason 789Win Latest 2023

Agency 789Win new best 2023, become an agent with the house to receive many attractive incentives, and at the same time earn a large amount of money from this job. To understand deeply about being an agent, let’s join the bookmaker 789WIN Find out through the following shared article:

I. Be an agent 789Win Latest

Currently, there are many recreational betting players who want to become agents with the house. Compared to becoming an entertainment player betting for money, becoming an agent brings more benefits, and it is also an opportunity for players to get a job and earn some money quickly. .

Be an agent 789Win The latest currently requires registrants to meet a number of necessary conditions, which are:

  • Must be 18 years old and have full capacity for civil acts.
  • Wishing to get rich with the game I am passionate about.
  • Must be a person with a good business mind or mindset to be able to grasp your opportunities.
  • Have specific programs and plans to promote the brand 789Win Get closer to more people.
  • Must be an official member of the house and have participated in many games.
  • Before becoming an agent 789Win latest, players need to clearly understand how to bet, betting rules, and all questions about the game that players send to the house. 789Win.

Currently becoming an agent with the bookmaker 789Win have a lot of. However, not everyone can do this job well, this is a form of “win-win” cooperation. Therefore, when you become an official agent, you will definitely have to work hard to achieve your goals.

Besides, the rights and benefits of the agent have also been given 789Win List clearly and specifically what it is, let’s find out in the following information.

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II. Things to do as an agent 789Win Latest

The rights and benefits of becoming an agent are extremely important, especially for those who want to become an agent. So, 789Win Also understanding this, we have developed a number of detailed policies for agents to understand, specifically:

1. Attractive commission:

When working as an agent 789Win latest, you will definitely enjoy a huge income with attractive commissions, based on the company’s net profit, up to 50%. The amount of money the agent gets will depend on the number of customers who register and deposit money successfully. The percentage will be calculated as follows:

  • 30% when total loss in the month is < 200 million VND.
  • 35% if the customer’s total loss that month will be < 1 billion VND.
  • 40% when becoming an agent 789Win Most recently, when customers had a total loss of <2 billion VND.
  • 45% if that month the customer has a total loss of <5 billion VND.
  • 50% commission when the total loss to that customer is > 5 billion VND.

2.Many special offers:

Dealer 789Win There are many extremely attractive promotions such as gifts for birthdays, holidays, %.., and many other special programs.


3. Make money quickly and simply:

When becoming an agent 789Win Latest, agents will not need to go to the house’s office, will not be constrained by time…, just sit at home and log in to the system, all transactions will be done right on the website. computer screen.

4.Support agents in building images and finding customers:

Dealer 789Win will provide agents with promotional program information, 789Win will handle work and create marketing plans to help agents reach customers and players as quickly as possible. Even as an agent 789Win newest, no experience, 789Win will advise, guide, and help agents feel secure during the job search process.

Be the first, register as an agent with the house  789Win today if you want to try and develop yourself, and at the same time want to earn extra income. The dealer wishes you luck.

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