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Innovating Industrial Automation: Introducing Youibot’s Autonomous Mobile Robots

Discover the future of automation with Youibot‘s advanced autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). As a leading AMR company, Youibot sets the standard in industrial logistics and intelligent inspection solutions. This article unveils the latest products from Youibot, highlighting their versatility and powerful capabilities in industrial automation.

Youibot P200

The Youibot P200 is a versatile industrial automation solution designed to meet diverse operational needs. With general-purpose interfaces supporting over 10 kinds of top modules, the P200 offers unparalleled flexibility in adapting to various tasks. Whether it’s material handling, inspection, or logistics, the P200 delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Youibot L1000

Meet the most powerful autonomous mobile robot in the industry – the Youibot L1000. With a lifting function capable of handling a payload of up to 1000kg, the L1000 sets new standards in industrial automation. Whether it’s heavy-duty material handling or challenging logistics tasks, the L1000 excels in delivering unmatched power and reliability.

Laser SLAM Navigation

Both the Youibot P200 and L1000 are equipped with advanced laser SLAM navigation technology. This cutting-edge navigation system ensures precise and efficient movement of the robots within complex environments. With laser SLAM navigation, Youibot’s AMRs can navigate autonomously, avoiding obstacles and optimizing paths for enhanced productivity.


In conclusion, Youibot’s autonomous mobile robots represent the forefront of industrial automation technology. With the versatile P200 and the powerful L1000, Youibot continues to innovate in industrial logistics and intelligent inspection solutions. Experience seamless automation and unlock new levels of efficiency with Youibot’s innovative AMRs.

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