How to Play Mahjong – Playing Experience for Beginners

How to play Mahjong How is a question asked by many people. This is an extremely famous game in China and is also popular with many Vietnamese people. In today’s article, New88 today will share information related to the game of Mahjong and playing tips from experts for your reference.

Brief introduction to the game Mahjong

Mahjong is a card game with ancient origins in China. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Mahjong became popular and was considered a part of the country’s culture. Over time, the game gradually became popular around the world and was introduced to Vietnam.

In how to play mahjong Usually includes 4 people, using a rectangular deck of cards with typical letters and shapes printed on them. The task of each player is to apply personal strategies to buzz as soon as possible. The player who buzzes first will win and receive a reward.

Mahjong is a popular game with long-standing origins in China

Sharing simple ways to play mahjong for new players

To play mahjong effectively, you need to understand how to play as follows:

Identify cards

A set of mahjong cards includes 160 cards, divided into 4 sets, 1 frame with different values ​​and properties. Players can distinguish cards based on the following characteristics:

  • PostLean: Includes Van (red traditional swastika), Book (blue card) and Van (circle dots from 1 to 9)
  • Frame Set: Includes red frames (Ky, Hoa, Nguyen, Hop) and green frames (Carton, Total,Soc, Screen).
  • Flower Set: Includes 4 cards of Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, and Apricot with corresponding symbols.
  • Seasons: Includes 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and are numbered from 1 to 4.

How to play Mahjong

The player rolls 3 dice to choose a seat. Whoever sits in the east will default to being the dealer and the remaining 3 players will be the kids. The dealer is dealt 14 cards and the dealer is dealt 13 cards.

After dealing, players will stack their cards on top of each other or in horizontal rows but cannot let their opponents see them. The cards are arranged in numbers of 4 eachwife Includes 1 pair of eyes and 3 pieces.

In how to play mahjong, the person on the left plays 1 card, the other person can win if they can create a Phu Phuong (3 identical cards). In case the dealer has 1 flower, you can choose to play or build, however, if there are 2 flowers, you can only build the card. The player who has the first card will win.

Instructions on how to play mahjong in the simplest way for everyone

Special cases in how to play mahjong

When a player owns a special combination in mahjong, he will be given priority. You can take advantage of this priority to grab the opportunity to win.

Priority case

This is a case that can be taken advantage of when there are 2 people waiting for the same card to bust. Those who own a special deck of cards will be given priority to play first, thereby increasing the chance of winning. Here are two situations that receive this preference:

  • Priority is given to players who want to use cards as a King or a Check.
  • Priority is given to the person sitting on the lower door to use the card to play Cross.

In case of fine

There are 3 common penalty cases: how to play mahjong as follows:

  • Wrong buzzing: Players buzzing when the value of the cards cannot be won, usually penalized from 32 to 64 points.
  • Nine cards: You must notify others when you play 9 cards in the same row. If you play cards in the same row, the other two people will be fined the same amount.
  • Buzzing: If a player is detected buzzing more than 3 calls, they will not be buzzed and must continue playing.

Penalties for playing mahjong

Experience in playing mahjong always wins from a master

To play mahjong always win, in addition to grasping how to play mahjong Then you need to know the following experiences:
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Mahjong is an intellectual game, so you need to stay calm and wait patiently to make the most accurate decision. Any mistakes can result in fines and high costs.

Understand the rules of the game

Towards Vietnam, how to play mahjong It’s relatively difficult so you need to master it before participating. This helps you limit penalties and come up with the smartest strategies.

Calculate carefully

Buzzing means you have won, but making a mistake will result in a heavy penalty. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate carefully before reporting buzzing to avoid being fined.


Hopefully with the information about how to play mahjong that New88 shared in the article has helped you understand more about this game. To become a master in the game, you need to practice regularly and find your own strategy. Wishing you good luck and reap many great rewards when participating in mahjong!

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