Handicap Betting, Tips for Betting Good Betting Bets

Handicap bet is a popular form of betting and is present on most house odds tables. Participants can choose many different betting odds based on calculations as well as the amount of capital they own. The following article New88 will suggest some betting methods as well as attractive odds that players should try.

What is a handicap?

In the field of football betting, one of a kind beat most prominent is Handicap bet, known by many different names such as handicap or Asian handicap. This is a popular type of bet that often appears in every football match, set by the bookmaker to create balance for the two teams if there is a difference in strength.

Handicap odds It is not simply a regular form of betting, but quite complex with many different odds, requiring players to have knowledge and know how to bet. The team that is rated higher will accept the bet with a certain odds based on expert assessments.

Popular bets include handicap betting

This form of play gives participants many options with different odds levels, below are some types:bet popular.

Half ball bet

It is a form of betting that is not too complicated, in which the upper team needs to handicap the lower team by 0.25 points. When the handicap team wins with a difference of 1 goal or more in the final score, the bettor who bets on the upper team will win. In case of a draw, the bettor who bets on the upper team will lose 1/2 of the bet amount and the underdog team will receive 1/2 of the bet amount.

Handicap 0.5

In this bet, the handicapped team at the top will handicap the underdog team by 0.5 goals, meaning that when the player bets on the top team, they will win if this team scores a difference of at least 2 goals. However, if the match ends in a draw, the bettor will lose all his money. This calculation also applies to handicaps such as 1.5 goals and 2.5 goals.

Handicap 0.75

Players betting on the favorite team only win when this team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more because the handicap is less than 0.75 goals. If the favorite team only wins by 1 goal, the bettor will only receive 1/2 of the original bet amount. In case of a draw or the underdog wins, the player who bets on the underdog team will lose, and this calculation is applied to the bet 1.75, 2.75 left.

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Handicap 1 goal

For bettors who bet on the favorite team, they will receive a bonus when the handicap team achieves a score with a difference of 2 goals or more. In case the handicap team wins by exactly 1 goal, the house will refund the bettor’s money. If the result is a draw or the underdog wins, the bet on the underdog will lose the entire amount, this principle also applies to 2-goal and 3-goal handicap bets.

Revealing the secret to professional handicap betting

If you clearly understand the betting format as well as the basic odds, players cannot ignore the betting tips revealed below:

Analyze each team

Advice from professional players before placing bets handicap bet, It is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis of the team participating in the competition. Collecting information about recent achievements, form, lineup, and other influencing factors will greatly impact the match outcome. Thanks to this, players will have the most overview to make the right betting decisions to limit the risk of losing everything.

Do not indulge in bets with unequal odds

Another important secret that you should apply after participating in the form Handicap bet is to avoid unbalanced odds. Choose matches with a balance of strength between the two teams, with good performance and the odds difference is not too large.

Keep a stable and alert mind when placing handicap bets

The most important factor when participating in all soccer bets as well as other sports is to maintain mental stability. A comfortable mentality will help you learn and absorb information quickly and effectively, thereby making the wisest betting decisions.

Research the odds right after the bookmaker releases the odds table

Betting experts share that bookmakers often change the odds before the match starts to deceive inexperienced people. Therefore, the time you should make a bet is right when the house updates the information on the odds table to have the most accurate assessment.

The article above is a detailed update of information handicap bet, Popular odds as well as undefeated playing experience from experts. Hopefully this will be a useful source of knowledge to help players increase their winning rate as well as achieve the greatest reward when participating at NEW88.

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