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Game chicken New88 is one of the ideal destinations for many online betting enthusiasts. Here, you will be able to watch eye-catching, world-class matches. Not only that, you can also bet on fighting cocks to receive many valuable rewards. In the following article, let’s explore this game lobby in detail.

Overview of the  New88 online cockfighting betting hall

Anyone who is passionate about cockfighting is certainly no stranger to the house brand New88.  New88 cockfighting game hall has now become a familiar entertainment destination for many customers in the Vietnamese market. After visiting here, you will be able to comfortably enjoy fierce, dramatic and eye-catching matches.

Before participating in the competition, the cocks will be selected very rigorously and thoroughly, ensuring transparency and fairness. Each match is broadcast live at reputable, legal arenas around the world such as Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines…

Thanks to modern systems, New88 studio ensures smooth, vivid and realistic video quality. Not only that, you can also make a lot of profit from predicting the outcome of the match. The fighting cocks show fierce fighting style and strong attacks, guaranteed to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

The birth of the online  New88 cockfighting format brings many conveniences to customers. You can save time and travel costs to arenas abroad. Instead, you just need to sit at home and prepare a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to cheer, follow and bet on your favorite fighters.

Discover the rules of  New88 cockfighting online

Because basically, the way to play  New88 cockfighting online is not much different from the traditional one. Before experiencing, players should research carefully to have smooth entertainment moments and avoid making unfortunate mistakes. This also helps you easily build appropriate strategies and increase your chances of earning many rewards. Below are the rules of  New88 cockfighting:

In a competition, the organizers will not limit the number of rounds that two roosters will compete in. They will fight until they find a winner.

Each round usually lasts about 15 minutes and has about 5 minutes to rest and regain spirit.

Each match has a referee who makes the final decision to win or lose to ensure fairness.

At the same time, the cocks participating in a match must be of the same rank, of equal weight, and of the same breed to create a more dramatic and thrilling atmosphere.

The referee will lose a cock if it does not kick, runs around the yard, always turns its head to look towards the owner. In case both chickens do not compete and do not accept the beak, the referee will decide a draw.

After finishing the cockfighting match New88, if you bet correctly according to the house’s results, you will win and receive a bonus. On the contrary, if you bet wrongly, you will lose all your initial money.

The hottest forms of cockfighting from bookmaker  New88

In order for players to have a variety of choices and not get bored,  New88 bookmaker offers many extremely attractive forms of live cockfighting. You can learn about each type and choose the one that suits your interests, abilities and finances. Specifically:

Game chicken New88 Direct comments

This is one of the types of live cockfighting that is popular with many people. In addition to watching on the small screen, you can also update hot news and events through commentators.

Each match has an extremely professional, talented and highly specialized commentary team. They will analyze each situation in the cockfighting arena in detail and give opinions and suggest results based on a scientific basis. If you don’t know how to distinguish or choose which fighting cock, you can refer to it to make the right decision.

Besides, the presence of these commentators makes the match even more realistic. Just sitting at home, you can follow all the developments of the match in the most convenient way.

Cockfighting with knife spurs and iron spurs

Next is the extremely unique  New88 cockfighting type, attracting the most players at this game hall. The chickens selected to participate in the competition all have excellent strength, skills and tactics. Not only that, they are also equipped with additional weapons, which are extremely sharp and super sharp knife spurs and iron spurs.

This helps the cocks to be more confident when attacking and improve their damage ability. Normally, cockfights with knife and iron spurs often take place very quickly. Because if a fighting cock is hit, it can be injured or die immediately.

In addition, the match also brought many unexpected situations. Maybe a few minutes ago, the rooster was still majestic, but a few seconds later it was bloody. Players need to observe, analyze keenly, and be flexible in all situations to be able to conquer cockfighting. New88 This.

Bamboo cockfighting

This is a traditional version of cockfighting, very famous in Vietnam, especially in the Northern region. Completely different from other forms of knife spurs and iron spurs, bamboo cockfighting is not equipped with any additional weapons. There are fewer matches each day, but no less dramatic and exciting.

This version is very suitable for pure, traditional cockfighting enthusiasts. The cocks will compete based on their strength and ability. They launch classy, ​​skillful attacks that leave the opponent unable to counterattack.

The advantage of this form of  New88 cockfighting is that it brings strong, elite fights and shows the personality of each cockfighter. If you love traditional gameplay, watching bantam cockfighting is always the number one choice.

Instructions on basic online cockfighting betting steps

The process of playing  New88 cockfighting betting online is extremely simple, easy to understand and easy to conquer. Players only need to refer to and follow the steps below to bet successfully. As follows:

Step 1: First, people will access the website using the following reputable link:  New88 pink. Players should be careful in their search because currently on the market there are many fake bookmaker websites, their purpose is to cheat money and rob customers of information. After accessing the homepage, you proceed to register and deposit money to play  New88 cockfighting betting.

Step 2: Next, on the home page, select the cockfighting section and choose your favorite betting hall. The system will display all current and upcoming events for you to choose from. Learn and analyze the odds table provided by the bookmaker to prepare to place money. At  New88, we provide very complete information about 2 fighting cocks so you can easily identify them.

Step 3: Bet on the cock you appreciate and wait for the match to end to know the winner or loser. The bonus will be paid to the account of the member who correctly predicts the results.

Share classy cockfighting experiences

Many people think that this is just a form of entertainment of chance so there is no need to invest too much. However, if you want to conquer the big prize, you should equip a lot of knowledge and experience to increase your chances of winning. Below are some top tips that have been compiled by experts for many years that you can refer to:

Master the rules of the game

Before doing anything or applying any strategy, you need to understand the rules, rules and basic fighting methods. This will help you bet accurately, without errors, have a suitable game plan, and make smart betting decisions.

Research and observation

Spend a lot of time observing, researching and carefully evaluating the two cocks about to compete. The data you need to know is weight, age, crest, age, achievements, confrontation history, playing style, etc. Based on this information, it will be easy to objectively evaluate each cock and its body. their chance to win.

Be proactive and patient

Game chicken New88 delivers a stimulating, thrilling and engaging experience. In addition to luck, you must invest time to research and analyze carefully. Don’t be too hasty or impatient to bet. Instead, the cocker should patiently monitor the cocks’ every move. Then, proactively choose the time to bet on the cock to increase the chances of winning big.

Refer to the chicken master’s comments

At the  New88 cockfighting game hall, there are many experts and experienced cockfighters. They will collect information and make detailed assessments for your reference. Based on this useful data along with your strategy, your chances of winning will certainly be much higher.

Above is an article with a detailed introduction to the super hot online  New88 cockfighting game hall in the Asian market. Please register to play today so you don’t miss dozens of top, most dramatic matches in the world. Don’t forget to consult a lot of experiences and strategies to conquer the high prizes of  New88 bookmaker.

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