Experience in playing phom from a master

Phom playing experience is an extremely important factor that players need to have to be able to win the game. Thesecontempt That experience is gained by players accumulating and learning. Today NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP will share with everyone some experiences in playing phom from experts.

Experience in playing phom

To win this game, players need to have experience when playing. We will reveal to you some experiences:

  • Remember the cards:

Pay attention to the cards that have been played and remember them to avoid being caught and having to pay the village, which will be very painful.

  • Avoid getting caught:

In phom, winning the pin is what anyone wants. Therefore, before playing the 4th card, you need to use your memory to think and judge whether you win or not, if all the cards are out, then if you feel it is safe to play.

Being pegged is the nightmare of many phom players. Because when you get caught, you will lose 4 times more than when you get beaten normally, so take advantage of everything you can to avoid getting caught.

  • Destroy your own:

When playing phom, if you observe that you have no chance of forming a phom set. You need to look to break the card, but before that you need to observe to see if your opponent has hit that card before breaking it to avoid letting your opponent win.

  • Lowest bet if not locked:

The probability of you winning the pawn will be higher than your opponent’s because you don’t have the pawn.

What is the phom card game?

A game that is popular with many people is phom card, also known as ta la. When playing, players will try to steal other players’ cards. Try to create phom cards for yourself when drawing cards. Phom also uses a deck of cards such asmove south.

When playing, players must create phom in their cards by taking other people’s cards or picking up cards. At the same time, you will discard non-Phom cards in the deck so that at the end of the game your score will be as low as possible.
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Rules of playing phom

  • Normally when playing there will be at least 4 people and a maximum of 4 people.
  • The person with the fewest cards on the table will be the last to discard.
  • In each round, the player will filter or steal from the opponent, with a maximum of 4 rounds
  • The cards will move clockwise when one person takes a card from another person. Doing so determines the number of rounds that have gone through.
  • Decide winning or losing by lowering the phom and calculating the remaining card points. Whoever has the lowest score wins.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have any phom will have a toothache.

Some phom phom terms

  • Phom: 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit,3 cards of the same value (three)
  • Junk cards: These cards do not have the ability to play phom
  • Sting: The extra cards in the middle of the table.
  • Mam: no phom at the end of the game.
  • Ugh: create phom for the whole song
  • Take the pawn: take the last card of the previous player.
  • Re: The cards will automatically change places when someone plays a card when they have damaged phom and if that card flies to you, you will get 1 more turn.
  • Submit: at the end of the game, you can submit your cards to lower your score by sending them to other people’s cards.
  • Temple: Will have to pay the village if the last card is captured and leads to buzzing

Law of compensation:

  • You will pay 1 if you let the next person take the card you played. In the last round, whoever wins will pay 4.
  • The player will pay the village if he lets the next person get 3, which is trash and buzzing.
  • Must pay the village if the last card a person plays and that person busts.


Above is a summary of the experiences of expertsNEW88 want to share with you guys. Hopefully it will help you feel more confident so you are ready to participate in games and win many great valuable rewards. Wish you luck.

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