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Enhanced Performance and Efficiency: Megarevo’s G2 Series Energy Storage Inverter

Megarevo continues to push the boundaries of energy storage solutions with their latest offering, the G2 Series Energy Storage Inverter. Building upon the exceptional performance of its predecessor, this advanced inverter has undergone significant optimizations. The G2 Series boasts a more compact and lightweight design, reducing labor installation costs by 50%. Moreover, it offers an increased full load efficiency by 0.5%.

Lightweight and Space-Saving Solution

Megarevo’s G2 Series Energy Storage Inverter sets a new benchmark with its optimized volume and weight. This compact design not only saves valuable installation space but also offers the advantage of reduced transportation costs. The lightweight nature of the G2 Series makes it easier to handle during installation, resulting in improved labor efficiency and reduced installation time. Businesses can now enjoy the benefits of a high-performance energy storage inverter without compromising on space or incurring unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced Efficiency and Compatibility

The G2 Series Energy Storage Inverter brings about notable improvements in efficiency. With an increase of 0.5% in full load efficiency, Megarevo ensures that energy conversion processes are highly optimized, maximizing the utilization of stored energy. Furthermore, the inverter is compatible with 18.5A solar panels, providing businesses with flexibility in incorporating renewable energy sources into their systems. With a power output capacity of up to 12kW, the G2 Series offers a reliable and robust solution for meeting diverse energy storage requirements.


Megarevo’s G2 Series Energy Storage Inverter represents a significant leap forward in the realm of energy storage solutions. With its compact and lightweight design, it not only optimizes installation efficiency but also reduces associated costs. The enhanced full load efficiency ensures the optimal utilization of stored energy, while compatibility with 18.5A solar panels enables businesses to integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly.

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