Decoding Esport Odds and Current Types of Esport Odds

With the strong development of science and technology, sport seems to become an indispensable spiritual dish for many people. Over a long time, this sport has been recognized as an official electronic sport and has its own competition arena. Therefore, esports betting appeared and attracted the attention of many people. With Bet88 Discover this right in the article below.

Definition of esports betting

Along with the growing trend of the esports industry, esports betting at the best bookmaker was born and brought more exciting entertainment moments to everyone. You will have the opportunity to experience betting with popular online game halls such as PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO,…

Esports betting is a way for players to choose a suitable bet to win when participating in predicting the development of football matches. Based on the betting odds offered by the bookmaker, players need to analyze and compare to be able to accurately make comments on the score, total number of goals or other parameters related to the match. best.

Types of esports bets currently on the betting market

If soccer betting only focuses on analyzing goal scores, esports betting allows you to evaluate the match more generally, specifically:

  • Bet on match time: Predict whether the match will last more or less than 35 minutes.
  • Bet on which team will win 5 lives first: Based on the playing style of the two teams, players predict which team will win 5 lives from the opposing team first.
  • Bet on the team that will score the first victory or the team that will win the first match: Depending on the ability of the two teams, the player can make this bet.

In addition, esports betting also offers bets like soccer betting: champion team bets, handicap bets,…

You can also place bets coalition bet through Bet88’s esports lobby

Betting rules in esports bets

Besides understanding what esports betting is, players must also understand the rules of the game when participating in betting. So let’s join Bet88 Explore the esports betting rules below:

  • The result of the bet is the official result announced by the management agency, organization of the competition and tournament.
  • For matches that have been suspended or postponed, bets will only be recognized and valid when the match is re-organized within 48 hours according to the original announced schedule set by the organizers.
  • Betting bets are still valid if a player or a team has the right to play in the smurf account match or has the wrong account.
  • In cases where a player or team is detected cheating before the match time, that bet will be canceled.
  • With live online matches, betting will be void when the match results in a draw or the signal is lost, forcing the match to stop.

Find out why many people love esports betting

In betting sport, each game will have different developments and strategies. Here, gamers will compete with each other. For e-sports games with a large number of people interested such as LOL, DOTA2,… then Bet88 will offer many attractive and highly valuable prizes. Therefore, there are many people willing to spend money to bet.

Gradually, the position of esports betting in the betting market is enhanced, the number of followers is increasing. Previously, e-sports was not widely popular and quite strange in Vietnam. However, with the home team currently playing and competing in major tournaments, esports betting is gradually becoming one of the indispensable games for sports betting enthusiasts.

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Frequently asked questions related to esports betting at Bet88

Check esports betting at Bet88 always the priority choice of betting enthusiasts.

Bet88 version What services does sports betting provide?

Bet88 betting version Provides most of Bet88’s products including sports betting, oriental palace casino, online casino and e-sports games. Furthermore, players can also use all features such as deposit/withdrawal on the mobile versions of the house..

Play esports betting at Bet88 Is it reputable and safe?

Bet88 has many years of reputation in the sports betting market and is licensed to operate legally by the government. The house’s customer support system operates 24/24 to help support and answer all your problems during the game. In addition, the house also has an extremely strict security system so you do not need to worry when participating in this experience.

Our above article has provided some information about esports betting for you. What else are you worried about without participating in betting at Bet88? with us.

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