A Guide to Innovative Onsite Event Registration Solutions

There is a constant revolution in the event industry and more onsite event registration solutions have emerged. This was a necessity as the event planners and organizers were constantly worried about the hecticness that was involved while managing onsite registrations. The advancement of technology has provided many prominent solutions that have been a great advantage for an array of event types. Driving pre-event registration with the help of an online platform is necessary and convenient for attendees. However, there are some attendees who still need to look for manual methods or onsite registrations.

Most of the events like conferences and trade shows also opt for registration solutions like badge printing or QR code for event registration. That is a suitable onsite solution and provides an array of advantages to both attendees and organizers. Now, let’s take a look at the need to opt for these onsite event registration solutions and the best options that are available.

The Need to Opt for On-Site Event Registration Solutions

Event registration management is the most important and crucial aspect for every event organizer. It is the most complex part of any event that needs to be streamlined because of the multiple parts that are involved. During an event, there is no guarantee how many attendees are going to show up, even if you have determined it. However, most of the organizers have never tested the new tools available to them. Finding the right onsite event registration management solution depends on multiple factors. There is an array of options available to choose from as a suitable onsite registration solution. You need to make sure that whatever decision you make, makes it possible for you and your team to do the following:


With the help of your suitable solution, provide the ability for your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and other personnel to personalize their experience. This can be done in a streamlined way with the help of a mobile event app, customized dashboard, or online portal.


Your onsite event registration solutions should provide enhanced convenience to the attendees. It should be able to eliminate long lines, allow users to easily access event sessions, or print their own event tickets. You can also set up a self-check-in kiosk to facilitate more convenience.

Improved Efficiency

The solution that you have opted such as an event registration platform should ensure that efforts don’t go to waste. Your event team should go further and leverage the capabilities to streamline the tasks.

Sustainability and Security

Having a secure event registration solution can easily improve the attendee experience. This will keep all the data about them safe and secure. Furthermore, it should ensure that the event collateral supports sustainability. It should reduce waste like paper, plastic, etc. and should facilitate paperless event registration.

Improve the Event ROI

The best event registration platform offers the potential to monetize each and every step of your event management. This includes advertising, data tracking, simplified registration and ticketing, etc. All this helps in enhancing the ROI and makes the whole process of management easier.

Actionable Insights

Onsite event registration solutions offer features like attendee and data tracking that can help determine the necessary strategies for future events. This can easily be done by analyzing each and every event data, from attendee behaviour to content downloads. These real-time insights can help to make necessary decisions to improve the events.

The Best Options Available as Onsite Event Registration Solutions

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing suitable registration solutions is that the platform should provide end-to-end customization. Such as an event registration app, online platform, etc. You need to invest in solutions that streamline your event management efforts from start to finish. With the help of a suitable platform, you can save a lot of time and money to cater a more valuable event experience for each participant. There are multiple options and they offer nice to have and need to have features. Below are some effective tools that can be considered when it comes to end-to-end customized solutions.

Digital Event Registration

Digital event registration platform helps save a lot of time that is being used to deal with issues and questions made by attendees when they register for the event. Making the whole process as easy as possible to increase the ROI by reducing the registration abandonment. With a suitable onsite event registration platform, online registration using a website, event app, etc. can streamline the process and facilitate a more valuable experience for. Moreover, it provides easy access to organizers like:

  • Multi-tier tickets and prices
  • Customized email confirmations
  • Branding and designing a website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Seamless onsite registrations and badges
  • Quick and secure payments

Contactless Solutions

Onsite event registration solutions offer contactless transactions. This is a great way to enhance the attendee experience by opting for suitable technology. RFID, QR codes, badge printing, and event apps are some of the best possible onsite solutions. They can easily help reduce the long lines by giving the attendees the ability to self-check in. This also helps in minimizing the need to allocate additional staff members to facilitate the process. With this, organizers can effectively save a lot of time and can make the whole process much faster and less hectic. Furthermore, there are some essential things that are included in the contactless event registration solution:

  • Onsite badge printing
  • Enhanced segmentation and reporting
  • Customized event registration, design, set-up, and administration
  • Integration with other tools, software, and solutions
  • Automated email marketing
  • Easier check-ins with mobile devices
  • Registrations around the clock


The constant evolution of technology and digitalization has helped event organizers with effective solutions. There is an array of onsite event registration solutions available to use and can provide a seamless experience. Having a suitable and effective solution can provide many advantages that are great and can impact the event ROI. Moreover, there are multiple solutions to choose from such as digital event registration platform, event app, online solution, RFID, badge printing, etc. Each has its own features and capabilities that can be leveraged by the organizers, attendees, and other stakeholders.

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